Analyze, design and develop

We analyze your IT and workflow processes and support the selection of adequate software tools.

We design, develop, implement and maintain IT solutions which are specifically tailored to your requirements and budget.

We develop successful solutions in close collaboration and confidential atmosphere where we consequently stick to the planned time frame and budget.

We work closely integrated in local your project teams or remote.

With our long-standing experience and dedicated staff members we are able to offer an excellent price-performance ratio.

Based on our broad range of expertise our projects address

  • Extensions and interplay with Microsoft Office products (MS Excel, MS Access, MS Word, MS PowerPoint)
  • Control  as well as rich-client and client-server system development
  • Design of relational data models and their implementation
  • Graphical user interface (GUI) design
  • Mathematical library development (non-linear curve fitting, smoothing, clustering, machine learning)
  • Chemical structures and reactions as well as reaction enumeration
  • Biological sequences and their analysis
  • Selection of existing software components and their tailored customization
  • Extension of an existing software infrastructure
  • Implementation of open-source software
  • Lab information systems (LIMS)
  • Electronic lab journals (ELJ)
  • Logistics information systems
  • Reporting and patent printout

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