Chemical Scaffolding Application

Client application to perform chemical decomposition based on Markush structures to support patent generation. Highlights are the conservation of stereo chemistry as well special query features to reduce the number of generic structures.

Involved Technologies: C#, WPF, Entity Framework, Webservices, Oracle, Chemistry Development Kit, Java, BioVia Draw™, BioVia Pipeline Pilot™

Customer: BAYER AG

Speech based result entry application

Analysis results data entry application that allows data entry by voice. The application is designed to enable user data entry in laboratories or greenhouses where scientists are unable to use a keyboard or mouse because they wear gloves or hold plant samples. For speech recognition, Microsoft Cortana of Windows 10 is used to work in an offline scenario.

Involved technologies: C#, WPF, Oracle, Microsoft Cortana™ of Windows 10

Customer: BAYER AG

PCR data analysis

Client application to import and analyze qPCR-Data from different real-time thermocycler.

Features: Curve shape analysis, custom data fitting, data normalization and smoothing, MS Excel™ export, Multi view intuitive user interface, customizable layout

Customer: Hahn-Schickard-Gesellschaft für angewandte Forschung e.V.

HTS Image management app

Windows Explorer like application to prepare, import and process raw image and result data from PerkinElmer Opera Phenix™ in HTS labs

Involved Technologies: C#, WPF, REST service, TCP, MS SQL, VB.NET, Microsoft Managed Extensibility Framework

Customer: Nuvisan

Compound Mapping Tool

Application to support compound mapping to micro titer plates of different formats and different pipet schema.

Involved Technologies: C#, WPF, MS Excel

Customer: Nuvisan

LIMS (Lab Information Management Systems)

We participated in several LIMS and large retrieval systems to enter, query and visualize scientific and workflow related data. Our tasks within these projects varied from implementing data importer and interfaces at the back-end side to specific controls and reports. Most of them are rich client on Windows 10.

Involved technologies: C#, WPF, WindowsForms, Microsoft Office Interop, ADO.NET, Oracle and more.

Chemical Structure Excel Report

Excel Addin to create customized Excel report containing chemical structure information and metadata

Involved Technologies: C#, WPF, MS Excel, Oracle, Entity Framework, Dassault BioVia Draw™, VSTO