Our highly trained and experienced staff members comprise a broad range of expertise:

  • Microsoft.NET platform (C#, WPF, Xamarin, DOTNET Core, Ninject, DevExpress Controls, MS Entity Framework, Windows Forms, WCF, ADO.NET, Sharepoint, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, VSTO, MVVM, LINQ, LINQ to SQL, ClickOnce-Deployment, MSBuild, NAnt, NUnit, Windows Services)
  • Java platform (Swing, JavaFX, JUnit, Ant, Apache Commons, JDOM, JFreeChart, Jama, VecMath)
  • Mobile Development (Xamarin, Android, iOS)
  • Fortran 77 to 2018
  • Relational database management systems (Oracle, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MS SQLServer, MS Access)
  • IDEs (Visual Studio, Eclipse, Xcode)
  • Version control systems (GIT, Team Foundation Server, Subversion)
  • Continuous Integration (Teamcity)
  • Mathematical computing platforms (Mathematica/Wolfram Language, Matlab)
  • Open-source workflow systems (KNIME, Taverna)
  • Chem- and Bioinformatics open-source libraries (CDK – Chemistry Development Kit, Jmol, BioJava)
  • Encryption
  • UML, Regular Expressions, MVC, Scrum
  • Concurrency and multi-threaded architectures
  • Algorithms for non-linear curve fitting, data smoothing, clustering, machine learning and biological sequence alignment
  • Experience in collaboration with BIOVIA PipelinePilot and BIOVIA Draw

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Job Vacancies

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