OligoPAD allows to design and check secondary oligonucleotide structures and interactions.



  • File based: Save and organize your assays and oligonucleotides
  • DNA and RNA sequences supported
  • Multi document interface: Keep the overview over assays and combine them easily
  • Temperature range 30° – 99°C
  • Automatic calculation of Gibbs free energy
  • Display single sequences or complexes of two sequences
  • Export complexes as PNG images

Intuitive to use

  • Design and modify oligonucleotides by simple “point & click” operations
  • Combine oligonucleotides and check interactions with “drag & drop”
  • On-the-fly editing


  • Analyze and optimize secondary oligonucleotide structures
  • Check interactions of primer, probes and target sequences for assay design
  • miRNA structure prediction
  • Structural analysis of aptamers

Operating system:

Microsoft Windows Vista, 7,  10

Installation requirements:

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher


We provide a 30 days full-featured test license. Please contact us via info@gnwi.de.


We provide single user licenses as well as group or company licenses with a 1 year update support after activation. The software will still be usable after update expiration.


Prices will be online soon. If you are already interested in purchasing a license, please contact us via info@gnwi.de

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