(Sequence Recombination Nucleotide Analyzer)

SeReNA (Sequence Recombination Nucleotide Analyzer) allows for a fast V(D)J-recombination analysis of DNA.

You simply enter a DNA sequence and the specific target gene of B- and T-Cells (e.g. IGH, TRC-g etc.) and a list of possible results sorted by a score is returned.



  • Fast
  • Well-arranged layout
  • Specialized analysis for small regions (e.g. D-Region)
  • Special mode for low similarity sequences
  • Export as RTF-Text

Intuitive to use

  1. Enter sequence to analyze
  2. Select target (IGH, IGK, TCRD, TCRG, TCRA, TCRB)
  3. Process sequence to get results
  4. “Copy & Paste” the results

Operating system:

Microsoft Windows Vista, 7,  10

Installation requirements:

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher


We provide a 30 days full-featured test license. Please contact us via


Currently we provide single user licenses with a 1 year update support after activation. The software can be run on one computer and will still be usable after update expiration.


If you are already interested in purchasing a license, please contact us via

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